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hmm...so i'm here. at college. feeling much less urghhh why am i here? but there's soooo much work. on the upside i've actually finished my psych paper and i wasn't working up until the last minute. i have time in the morning when i don't have to do it. yayy :DD

i want this week to be over so i can sleep. of course the sleeping thing is basically me staying up late and then not taking advantage of the fact that i have no classes before noon, but whatever.

i don't think i have anything planned/due tomorrow, but you never know i have to check my email. they send a ridiculous amount of emails. i look in my inbox and i'll have like eight so i'll go thru them and then delete them then i come back after classes and bam! like eighty more emails. i don't even want half of them. D:

....that's what i wanted to do. my laundry. i meant to do it today. whatever.

it's been really pretty here lately. The sunset was pink today. it wasn't an obnoxious pink either it was nice coral yellowy sort of pink like one of those light pink roses that sort of fade into yellow at the tips and the water was reflecting everything all sharp and clear for some reason so it looked like you had opened up a clam and found a whole rosy gold glowing world inside. anyway it was gorgeous and that's why i love it here mostly. i just want to keep a snazzy camera around my neck at all times so i can take pictures. it'd be the same picture over and over again, but i don't think i'd get too horribly tired of it.

right enough of this waxing poetical. all's good on the dorm front. (i can't same home front because..well it's not exactly home so dorm front)

ps one thing i love about college life. i don't have to make my own food. :)

My Chinese workbook says b’s are bilabial unaspirated plosive and p’s are bilabial aspirated voiceless plosive and I musn’t forget that f is labio-dental fricative. I feel like I will break my teeth on these letters the way they’re describing them.

WTF textbook it’s not that hard!!!

first day o college-y

first day of classes over. i had psych and math. math was math class and is by definition not fun, but it didn't seem too hard either so good. psych was interesting and i'm looking forward to tomorrow. it'll be my chinese day. learning about shanghai and mandarin and all that.

...oh and i didn't buy my math book, but small detail, right?

in conclusion, i think i can do this college thing.

oh right. i should speak on professors and the like.

math proff looks like a mountain man complete with long white hair and beard.
annnnndddd the pysch guy was umm young with reddish hair and lisped a bit.

College Life

So I’m here at college and I should commemorate it somehow I suppose. Though I’ve feel like I’ve written it down or talked about it about four or five different times before this, but here goes for posterity’s sake or something or other.

Day 1

Moving in. I live on the third floor. There were stairs. ‘nough said.

Roommate sophomore. Did not show.

Parents left. There were tears. I had a headache the rest of the day.

Met orientation group. Group 17. Leaders. Nathan and Kelly. Kelly is my cousin’s perosnality clone. Ice-breakers suck. I was Apple Abby for the rest of the day.

Ate food. Something gave me a stomach ache. Maybe it was the lemon pasta. Staying away from that from now on.

Went to stupid trivia thing with loud music and flashy lights. Now exactly the thing you want to go to when you’re nauseous.

Skipped Ironman. (still disappointed).

Went to sleep.

All in all homesick.

Day 2

The sun was almost shining and things looked shinnier by daylight.

Breakfast with Orientation group. No longer nauseous, but now cautious of food. Bacon is good though.

Listened to speeches in hot sun because my group didn’t get there earlier enough to get seats under the tent. Lucille Clifton (poet woman) spoke. Interesting to listen to. Wish she was still a professor and not retired.

Discussed summer reading. Hid in corner.

Lunch. Less wary of food.

Hung out with girl from orientation group. Kalyn. Less alone. Optimistic.

Adviser meeting. Guy totally not helpful. Talked about karate and then beat a hasty retreat.

Saw hypnotist. Very funny. Found out I apparently am not susceptible to hypnotism. Nice to know.

Roommate still MIA.


Community service day. Weeded for an hour, then went to play by the docks.

Saw jellyfish and minnows. Kelly got stun. Apparently jellyfish stings feel like they’re fucking on fire.

Bought books. Was horrified at cost.

Got free stuff at Campus Center Night.


SexSignals (an improv group) was hilarious. So glad I didn’t skip it. Reacquainted myself with Anna Weaver aka horse girl from middle school.

Filled out stupid survey.

Wandered around campus with OLs.

Roomate appeared.

Roommatebrought loud friends into our room.

Speechifying. Stood in line to sign stupid book. Met CAP girl Lisa.

Walk in on roommate and boyfriend. (NO it’s not what you think!) They were lying on her bed watching TV, but even so awkward.

Escaped to Kalyn’s room.

AIRBANDS. People dancing aorund in weird costumes and being all together ridiculous. Much laughter.


Nothing scheduled.  Parents brought a few more things. Spent day with them, wandering around town. Not much around. Lots of water. There’s a beachy place with shops and the like. I like that place. It had ice cream and a candy shoppe.

Residence Hall meeting.

Roommate MIA again. Like it that way.

Typing on LJ about college life and listening to random Japanese music and avoiding partying. I’ve confirmed my loser status.

In conclusion, I don’t think me and my roommate are going to get along so I’m going to become an expert in passive aggressiveness. I’m a wimp and am homesick, but that’s getting better! Really it is. Fairly content and excited for classes tomorrow even if it is math.

on birthday-ness

well i think that will record what i did for my 18th for posterity.

firstly, i was confused so i called anahit and she informed me that we were all meeting at my house. my reaction to this information: WHAT?! (and about 50 more exclamation points :D)

secondly, i hang up the phone and jenny rings the doorbell. first thought: jenny? (many question marks). second thought: i need to clean up so mom doesn't freak.

thirdly, we argued whether to go to ihop or friday's. decided katya would drive.

fourthly, we arrived and found friday's was an hour wait. went to ihop. (other people arrived)

fifthly, talked and ordered food--people came with ice cream and sang. was embarrassed/happy. (i have awesome friends)

sixthly, brought maiden lotto ticket. (think i will be a gambling addict in late life)

seventh, went home to watch pride and prejudice.

eighth,  opened jenny's present.  it was extra extra cool and much loved. (will be worn all throughout college and will probably have to disintegrate before i stop wearing it)

ninth, watch pride and prejudice keira knightly version. (sorry i was growly throughout the whole thing. i just didn't get why they changed stuff, but maybe i'll like it better on a second watch--this mr darcy looked much better than colin firth:D)

tenth, everyone went home and left me alone. (i dreamed strange dreams)

all in all a very satisfying birthday party get together-ish thing. jenny's next!

18 and the like

To friends and to whom it may concern,
Since the completion of my eighteen year is fast approaching, I feel it is necessary to make some sort of statement. And my statement will be my reactions on the subject in order of intensity.
  1. idontwanttogrowuppleasepleasedontmakemeitsscarrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. whoa cool
  3. does this mean i get to drive?
  4. o.O lotto tickets...275 million dollars anyone?
  5. cigarettes....will probably kill me
I think with that I have firmly established my immaturity and I hereby promise not to get any more mature because if I do I think something in my head will get over-wound and spring loose. All in all maturity will be bad for the gears and cogs in my brain so I will stave it off as long as possible in an attempt at self-preservation.

Well, that's that and I don't remember if I completed the list of things I was supposed to do or if i even had a list, but in any case it probably wasn't hugely important and I've gotten into college so it's literally the end of the world as I know it.

good-bye dear friends

on a side note i can wash my own clothes *glows with pride*


afterschool snack

i have chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. take that mcdonald's.



  ---i'm wayyyyy late but i felt it necessary since you know it's slash and canon and it's REAL. now if she would just admit sirius is gay then all would be right with the world.



goddamn it! i just wrote a perfectly good essay for college and i can't use it. it's too long and it's completely off topic, but i like it and it's good. fjdsakljfdsjafldcjs whyyyyyy


ani is mean. nothing starts with n! this list was made in desperation!

1) No One Else- Weezer
2) No Other One-Weezer
3) Niji- L'Arc en Ciel
4) Namida Wa Shitte Iru- Kenshin
5) Neo Universe- L'Arc en Ciel
6) No Promises Necessary- Maaya Sakamoto
7) New World- L'Arc en Ciel
8) Niji- Tezuka, Ryoutarou Okiayu
9) Never Surrender- Tezuka, Ryoutarou Okiayu
10) Never End- Ryoma, Junko Minagawa